Where can I buy your produce?
Produce can be  purchased through our online shop or if you prefer you can contact me directly.

Do you sell individual cuts of meat?
We primarily sell our meat in 10kg and 20kg boxes - a limited selection of cuts are sometimes available from the farm gate.

Do you deliver?
All our boxes can be delivered nationwide in the Republic of Ireland using biodegradable packaging.

Is your meat sold fresh or frozen?
Our meat boxes are sold fresh.

Can my box be frozen?
All boxes need to be frozen by yourself.

How long will my box last?
Our meat is vacuum packed and once frozen will last up to 12 months

How much space will i need in my freezer?
A 10kg box will fit into one standard freezer draw and a 20kg box will fit into two standard freezer draws. 

If you have any more questions don't hesitate to get in touch